Seal Coating

Petroleum products are murder on asphalt. Oil leaks from automobiles will soften asphalt shortening its life cycle. Coating the asphalt with a sealant helps to fill the porous areas of the asphalt, which makes it resistant to petroleum products and other damaging elements.

Why Sealcoat?

It extends the life of your pavement by protecting it from elements that destroy its structural integrity, thus lowering the lifetime costs of the parking lot areas.
It enhances the image and look of your parking lot area, which appeals to your customers.

Why Choose Sealcoat City?

Peace of mind. We are rigid in adhering to manufacturers' specifications for mix design and application rates. We also have extensive training for our crews in proper application techniques. In simple terms, "we apply it correctly the first time".

We treat your customers like our customers. Our sales consultants and crews are trained and encouraged to be courteous and considerate of your customers. They recognize that minimal inconvenience is critical to your customers. Crews also work hard to ensure a safe environment through proper barricades and signage during the sealcoating process.

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